NEY is a band of devotees whose soul purpose is to increase peace, harmony, and joy in the individual and the collective through call-and-response chant and inspirational music.  It is their belief that "it does not matter what name of The Divine Mystery commonly called God that you sing. What matters is that you sing!"

The ney, an ancient instrument whose song has been used as a metaphor for the soul’s longing for reunion with the Source, inspires this group’s name.

NEY is Rev. Priya Friday-Pabros, Nalini Teresa Marie, and Francisca Friday-Pabros. Together, they share many years of spiritual practice through sacred music.  


Rev. Priya, a music minister in the Kriya Yoga tradition, has been singing sacred music as ministry for more than a decade. While she has always enjoyed singing, it wasn't until discovering the transformative power of the sung attributes of the divine as Kirtan that her gift of healing song was revealed. It is her service to the world to share the healing vibration that comes through intentional, uplifting music  that affirms and awakens the divinity in us all.


Her debut single Float it in Om, (instructive words of Paramahansa Yogananda) draws upon universal truth teachings to inspire listeners and send forth a healing vibration through prayer and sound.

Francisca Friday-Pabros began to deepen her own practice of spirituality when she entered her forties, and opened to sharing her love of God through music and voice at that time, as well. Her philosophy regarding music ministry is simple:


"I believe in co-ministry, and the synergy that exists between the spoken message and the music message. When the two align, the result is greater than either one alone".


Francisca is a vocalist, and enjoys " playing at digital drums, congas, shakers, and plinking on the guitar." 

As a young person Nalini Teresa Marie always loved music, especially drumming! But it wasn't until 2001 after being inspired by Sanskrit devotional chanting, that she purchased a dholak, her first drum. Later that year, she was invited into Gitanjali, the Kirtan band of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, which she played with continiuosly until 2013. She was given a djembe drum by a member of Gitanjali and fell in love with the instrument! 


In 2010 she was offered the great opportunity to lead Rhythm and Song at Braly Elementary School in Sunnyvale, CA where she is a part-time 3rd grade teacher. Nalini sees about 400 students each week, leading them in song and drumming.  It is her dream come true!